Hello, I'm Tommi Ilvonen


Tommi Ilvonen

Software Developer and BBA in IT degree

I'm interested in gaining software development experience from every point of view. I always try to understand the big picture. My goal is to become a Full Stack guru.

I have always some new ideas on my mind how. Those ideas might be related to my current task and how to make software or practices work better. Those ideas might be even about the completely new application. Anyway, I enjoy planning and defining new features or new projects. The best part is to implement those ideas into code and see the results!

Taking new challenges and having a positive mindset is what keeps me going. Nature and hiking give me mental strength. Video games and good food are my ultimate way to relax. I enjoy cooking my favorite dishes like pho soup and goulash. I also love to broaden my perspective by traveling. When those are somewhat in balance, nothing is an obstacle for me.


Software Developer

Futunio Oy November 2018 - present

Attido Oy May 2017 - October 2018

  • I worked in Attido Oy for 1,5 years until the acquisition by Futunio Oy.
  • Soon after I started I got the responsibility to be the main developer of aSuite Duetto, web software for mass messaging. aSuite is product family made for Finnish trade unions and has over 500 000 users.
  • The technology stack (Knockout.js, C#, Oracle database) was completely new for me but I learned it fast since I had used Javascript, Java and SQL in school projects. The experience proved to me that I can adapt quickly to new technologies or enviroments (and that I'm good with Google).
  • I have Product Owner responsibilities for Duetto like maintaining roadmap and planning new features.
  • I have cooperated a lot with customers and enjoy working with them. The best ideas and feedback about the product come from the customer.
  • My other tasks are to implement and maintain our customers message templates which are sent from aSuite.
  • Currently, I'm working with a new product, aSuite Sonaatti, which is election software for Finnish trade unions.

Scrum Master

Futunio Oy February 2019 - August 2020

  • I coached the team through the transition from waterfall to agile methodologies. I planned, documented and taught the best practices suitable to our team's situation.
  • I planned and helped to execute the splitting of the big team of 15 people into two smaller self-organizing and cross-functional teams.
  • After 1,5 years teams worked efficiently as self-organized. There was no longer a need for Scrum Master role and I wanted to focus more on code so I changed back to full-time developer
  • I'm still actively helping teams to find the best practises for different situations. I'm always happy to help the teams and the Product Owner.


















Burger Builder App

The practise project on Udemy course: React - The Complete Guide.

React, JavaScript, JS6, JSX, CSS

My old web portfolio

I made my old web portfolio in February 2017.

JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3

Thesis - Artist Portfolio

My thesis was about planning and developing a web portfolio for an oil and tempera artist Kalle Pitkänen. I researched which is the best technology for this case and ended up using Vue.js.

Vue.js, JavaScript, Vuetify, Docker, Dokku


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